Things to do and see in Mallorca

20 Best Things To Do in Majorca, Spain (2021 Update)

Some say Mallorca is a beacon of calm, sophistication, beauty and A-List celebrities. It is also an Island of great wealth with its 870,000 strong population which enjoys the highest level of disposable income in Spain.

Some only believe what they read in the papers – stories about union jack shorts, binge drinking and obstacle abandonment – this classy depiction may come as a surprise.

Mallorca is actually stunning. From deserted white sandy beaches to rugged pine-clad mountains, exquisite historic architecture to flower-filled fields filled with orange trees, Mallorca offers all kinds of beauty for everyone.

The trick is to get behind the wheel of a car (or indeed steer a motorboat or charter a day boat on a small yacht), explore and discover your private slice of Island paradise.

Serra de Tramuntana

For me, the best place to start is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Serra de Tramuntana , the western spine of the Island that offers steep mountain views against a Mediterranean backdrop. For your reference, you can visit Ferienwohnung Colonia de Sant Jordi

Cala Deià

My favorite beach, Cala Deià , can be found here, one of the most bewitching entrances on the entire Mallorca coastline with a clientele to match.

The littoral outlet for high-heeled Deià, a village that has been home to Mick Jagger, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Richard Branson and the poet Robert Graves buried there, Cala Deià may be small (200 m wide), far from sandy beaches but water. crystal clear, impressive rocky outcrops and a welcoming atmosphere.

Whether it’s lunch at one of the delightfully primitive beach restaurants or, as I prefer, packing up an almost smoked salmon, cheese, baguette, leafy salad, strawberries, linen napkin, champagne flute and iced cava becomes envy. West.

Fornalutx Desa Village

The Serra de Tramuntana also hides my favorite Mallorcan village, Fornalutx . Twice voted the most beautiful in Spain, Fornalutx is surrounded by orchards of fragrant oranges and lemons against an impressive mountain backdrop.

The miniature main square is lined with immaculately presented sidewalk cafes that will reward you with a cool drink after you’ve tired your feet up the never-ending stairs to nosy on the flowery terraces and balconies of the beautifully preserved stone Mallorcan houses. full of love