Airplane Parking Fees During the Pandemic due to Reduced Package Delivery

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) conveyed guidelines for managing aircraft airworthiness to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic. This guide was published on October 2, 2020.

IATA the guidelines aim to serve as guidelines for airlines to ensure the viability of their aircraft fleet and manage safety risks. Airlines face operational challenges due to travel restrictions and the global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is undeniable that airlines have been forced to ground a number of their aircraft fleets because they cannot serve travel during the Covid-19 pandemic. The decision to park the plane certainly has consequences on the condition of the aircraft related to routine maintenance, and ultimately affects the safety of passengers and crew. For reference Reptéri parkolás, airlines can use the service from, they will get cheap price for parking their airplane

This also has an impact on freight forwarding using airplanes. When the plane does not fly, the delivery of goods will also be delayed or even diverted by land delivery.

Delivery of goods by plane is currently an efficient choice in choosing an expedition. Therefore, currently there are many choices of freight forwarding services through airlines.

For those of you who shop online and want your goods to arrive quickly, of course you will choose the expedition with the fastest time. Especially if you shop online between islands.

Ease of Delivery of Goods by Airplane

A short time can be taken by plane even though it is between islands. Therefore, currently airplanes are one of the alternative air expeditions that are widely used as a solution for someone who wants their goods to arrive at their destination quickly.

Usually land expeditions when sending goods between islands use ships. Of course it takes a lot of time, up to days.

Unlike air cargo , each province or city has its own airport. So that the distribution of goods can be done quickly. There are many advantages when choosing to use air cargo to send goods.

As a mode of air transportation, airplanes are the choice because of the speed factor it provides. This is used for shipping goods by plane because it supports just-in-time. The following are some of the advantages of using airplane cargo.

Fast Process

Airplanes that travel by air will arrive faster when compared to using land expeditions. Because when shipping between islands, land travel will be by sea, and it takes days.

In contrast to air travel, which only takes a few hours. Moreover, usually cargo expedition services usually already have their own aircraft in making deliveries.

There are also cooperating and various commercial aircraft, so of course it will be easy to access and the cheap prices are given. So for those of you sellers who sell online, you can recommend airplane cargo for your customers. Will be able to increase your customer satisfaction in terms of speed of delivery of course.

Packages Become More Secure

Of course, the faster the delivery of the goods, the safer the goods will be. Because, the speed of delivery will reduce the risk of defective goods, for example due to collisions or other things.

Domestic and Overseas Shipping

Airplanes that very easily traverse various islands and countries certainly have their own advantages. By using the plane, you can send your package to foreign countries. As a means of transportation that is fast and minimal risk, being able to make your valuable goods or packages safely arrive at their destinations in various countries.

Goods Delivery Procedure

For ordinary people, of course, many do not understand the procedure for sending goods or packages via airplane cargo. Before your goods are transported by plane, there are several procedures that you must go through.

Like checking, the goods sent can be in the form of commodities, not money, documents or other important letters. The contents of the goods that are the same or not as stated on the Airway Bill or Delivery Receipt or STTP are the responsibility of the sender, not the responsibility of the cargo.