What Really Makes Jersey Unique

What Really Makes Jersey Unique

The people of UK have similar goals as a common denominator on issues concerning development. However, each area and town is unique in its own way. A good example is Jersey; its splendour and beauty is simply amazing. It’s a gem in UK that both visitors and natives always appreciate. What really makes it exceptional are the geographical features, population density, places of interest, and also administrative policies. In addition, the locale has diverse flora and fauna that makes it attractive to nature enthusiasts.

Jersey is a beautiful island that measures approximately 120 square kilometers and lies in the English Channel. It is 136 meters above sea level with a favourable temperate climate, which consists of mild winters and relatively cool summers. It has a breathtaking terrain with plateau running from the magnificent bays to the cliffs on the northern end. In terms of administrative system, it is divided into twelve parishes each named after ancient church founders. One outstanding fact about them is that each stands next to the sea. It is run by a mixed legal system due to historical influences, and this makes it different from England and Scotland.

It is paramount to note that the culture of the people is greatly entrenched in the islands history. This will give you insights as you explore the area. In addition, its strategic location has also had an enormous influence on the areas development. It is one of the areas that have proved the existence of early man way back to the Stone Age. The discovery of Bronze artefacts and other relics make it one of the best places to visit. You can know better about this when you create time and visit La Cotte Brellade. Jersey war tunnels are another place that you cannot miss to check out. It is a clear testimony of the occupation of the area during the war.

Whether you are visiting UK for business or leisure, make it a point to visit Mont Orgueil Castle in Jersey. This magnificent structure is simply breathtaking. It was used for the defence against enemies for centuries, and its magnanimity still stands out. You will realize the designs are genius as you explore the stairs and inner rooms. The Elizabeth castle is another pearl in Jersey that you have to check out. And for almost half a millennium it defended the pride of the locals as a buffer zone. Durrell Conservation Trust is home of more than one hundred species of endangered wild life. It is the place to be to experience nature in its true essence.

The Samer Monor Gardens is splendid in all ways, whereas Noirmont Command Bunker used by Germans talks about the war history explicitly. You are also able to visit several adventure parks without having to worry about accommodation. This is because you will always have access to the best places to lay your head at the end of the day. The accommodation in this area is not only affordable but also offers the best drinks. In fact, Jersey is home of one the oldest wine estate that are still in operation- La Marie Wine.

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