What is important to Instagram users?

Instagram users are annoyed by the new policies that monitor their content

To get more followers on Instagram, content is a decisive element. What you post represents your company, as well as your brand, and must therefore highlight its main characteristics. Take the time you need to choose the common thread and the most appropriate theme and, if in doubt, avoid posting something if there is no reason. Since Instagram is primarily a social network for sharing photos and videos, the quality of photos, graphics or video clipsclearly performs a very important function. Unlike those who post solitary and often low-resolution selfies, you should always apply the same principle and upload content with the highest possible resolution (from 2015 up to 2048 x 2048 pixels): in this way it will not be necessary to apply filters or other typical modifications. of Instagram. 

Your Instagram account is your showcase. Choose a right username and a quality profile picture, in order to arouse the interest of users and be immediately recognizable. If it is an address book, it is important that you also choose a theme for your account , for example food, photography, animals, fashion. Profiles specialized on a particular theme usually have the highest number of free Instagram followers. The more your concept and the way you implement it are coordinated with each other, the greater the trust you inspire. As a final result you will get not only more followers, but also more shares, likes and therefore more visibility within the individual News Feeds.

Use the right hashtag

Hashtags are one of the main categorization tools provided by Instagram. With this type of keywords you are in a certain sense able to thematically rank your posts within the social network. It is therefore important to find hashtags that are good for you and for the image or video posted. Don’t be afraid to get inspired by your competitors, especially if they’ve been active on Instagram for a long time. You can get free Instagram likes with good hashtags.

However, you must consider that for particularly popular hashtags you will have to face greater competition, and it is for this reason that a good mix of original hashtags along with other more popular ones can be an advantage. Even if up to 30 different hashtags are allowed per post, it is not advisable to include all of them: already with five or a maximum of ten, you usually achieve a good categorization. There are also useful applications such as TagsForLikes that allow you to keep an overview and avoid the effort of manually entering all the hashtags each time: you can save your results and insert them later by copying and pasting under the relevant post.


As on any social network, the daily exchange with followers is one of the most important tasks and at the same time also the simplest, to get even more followers on Instagram. Add targeted questions and calls to action to your photos or videos and motivate users to comment on your posts : the more original you are, the better. In this way you can “invent” and start circulating a personal hashtag . 

Regardless of the use of hashtags, a key success factor to take into account when publishing your posts is the moment . If you post at a time when your target audience isn’t online, your chances of getting attention drop dramatically. Until the personalized stats promised with new business profiles arrive on Instagram, we recommend using Instagram analytics tools such as Iconosquare . These services guarantee you complete statistics on the activities of your Instagram followers free, as well as the success of individual posts, thus helping you to optimize your strategy.

The following tips will help you create a solid foundation for your networking:

React to comments and likes : Show interest in your followers and click on comments if you have the chance. Don’t forget to thank your fans if your post receives particular attention.

Establish contacts : Interaction with other Instagram users is the basis of the idea of sharing photos. If you follow other users by commenting on their posts or liking them, you have a better chance of being reciprocated. An alternative could be cooperation with influencers.

Geotag : the indication of the place where a photo was taken is not relevant for every company. If as a company you are famous internationally or simply regionally, give your account additional authenticity via geotagging and reach regional targets even more easily.

Connecting Instagram with other social media : If you are also active on other platforms with your company, it is worth connecting them with your Instagram profile. But try to offer exclusive content for individual social networks and not always publish the same post on all profiles.