Tourist Spots in Bangalore

Tourist Spots in Bangalore

More famous for its swanky BPO industry, Bangalore was never known to be a tourist destination. The only good news is that if you happen to come down to Bangalore for any reason whatsoever, it has no dearth of places to visit. So go on a jaunt through the city with greenery following you everywhere and the spots giving you glimpse of the social mores, existing milieu, and history of this splendid city.

Ulsoor Lake

Easily one of the most visited destination in Bangalore, enjoy a boat ride, or indulge in swimming in the nearby pool. Tiny islands dotted with greens stand in the lake making it an ideal picnicking spot.

Lal Bagh

The beautiful garden was designed by Hyder Ali in 1760. The immense horticultural wealth displayed here is attributed to Tipu Sultan, who brought in flora from the word over. The massive anthology of tropical, sub tropical and medicinal plants found here is overwhelming. The Glass House, which is the highlight of the 2400 acre park, is simulated on the lines of London’s Crystal Palace. Flower displays one week before the republic and independence days see a huge turnover of crowd. It also houses a children’s park – Bal Bhavan – complete with pony rides, boat rides and toy train rides; and a rose garden with 150 varieties of roses.

Cubbon Park

Christened after Bangalore’s longest serving commissioner, Sir Mark Cubbon, this 300 acre park is dotted with wood and flowers. Located at the heart of the cantonment in 1864, it is the brainchild of Sir Richard Sankey, the then chief Engineer of Mysore. Some attractions of this park are Attara Kacheri, the central library, the aquarium, the Jawahar bal bhavan the museum, Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum.

Vidhan Saudha

Home to the state legislature and secretariat, the colossal edifice was built between 1954 and 1958. On holidays, the periphery of the building is lit with copious lights, imparting it a magnificent portico. Facing the Vidhan Soudha stands the brick red structure of the High court of Karnataka.

Nehru Planetarium

Particularly attractive for school kids, it can seat up to 200 people. It is also known for its regular lectures on astronomy. A musical dancing fountain stands opposite to the planetarium.

Tipu’s Summer Palace

Haidar Ali took up the construction and Tipu Sultan completed it in 1789. Built on the lines of the Daria Daulat palace of Srirangapatnam, the 2- storeyed ornate wooden palace is known for its carvings on walls and ceilings. The palace houses photographs of Tipu and his era.

Bangalore Palace

Built by the Woodeyar King, the palace is modeled on the lines of the Windsor castle, and is open to public only for a week in November. Turreted parapets, battlements, arches, and fortified towers add to its beauty while the surrounding gardens give it a fairytale setting. Covering an expanse of 45,000 sq. ft., this110 year old structure was built at a cost of one million rupees.

Bull Temple

The temple, built in 1786 by the founder of Bangalore, Kempegowda, is a classic example of Dravidian architecture. Dedicated to Nandi, the sacred bull, the image of the gigantic monolithic bull inside the temple is 15 ft. high and 20 ft. long. The bull is believed to have grown in size with its present dimensions being 5 meters in height and 6 meters in length.

Government Museum

Neolithic finds from chamdravalli excavations and Mohanjedaro antiquities are the main attraction of this 18 galleried museum. Operating since 1886, one can find ethnic jewellery, textiles, coins and miniature paintings within the edifice.

Indian Institute of Science:

The famous IIS is one of the finest learning centres for advanced science and engineering studies. Also known as the Tata Institute, the who’s who of the engineering industry have been its alma mater.

The Shiva Statue

A 65 feet high statue of lord Shiva seated in the lotus position depicts the mythological belief of the Ganga River originating from Shiva’s Locks. The backdrop of mount Kailash enhances the appeal of this overpowering statue.

Other places of interest include the ISCKON temple, the St. Mary’s church, the Gangadhareswar temple or the cave temple, Dharmaraja temple, the Jumma masjid, Ravindra Kalakshetra, Gandhi Bhavan, race course, and Fun world – a 10 acre Disneyland like amusement park.

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