Time Loop Trailer Channels Tenet and Back to the Long term

Part of the poster for Time Loop.

Element of the poster for Time Loop.
Impression: 101 Movies

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Tenet may possibly not be hitting Online video on Demand because Warner Bros. is staying stubborn, but it’s not the only time-bending saga out there. io9 can exclusively reveal the initially trailer for 101 Films’ Time Loop, about a father and son who discover on their own in the center of a time paradox, not able to escape.

Prepared and directed by Ciro Sorrentino, Time Loop stars Mino Sferra and Sam Gittins as a father-son workforce of researchers who’ve unlocked the solution of time vacation even though working in a distant Italian village. As you can see in the trailer, issues promptly choose a convert as soon as they realize the gravity of their actions.

I’m a sucker for time vacation tales the place anything that is heading to transpire has presently happened—meaning you can’t change the earlier simply because it is already been modified. It’s why I was offended at how Denzel Washington’s Déjà Vu ended, as it appeared so promising at initial (I nevertheless maintain the overall body in the bag at the beginning of the movie was supposed to be Denzel’s). It appears to be like this is the premise of Time Loop, with various versions of the father and son overlapping each and every other in time as they attempt to correct the issues they’ve already produced. But will this time leap be the remaining leap residence? In time?

Time Loop—starring Sam Gittins, Mino Sferra, Ellie Poussot—will be unveiled on digital and VOD September 1.

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