A birthday cake for a woman should be refined, delicate, and sophisticated, and its taste should be multifaceted, playing with light, like a woman’s nature itself. We invite you to plunge into the atmosphere of beauty – see the catalog with photos of our works. Here you will indeed find ideas that will win any woman’s heart.

You can order one of these options, giving it individuality (changing color, decorations, inscriptions) or developing an exclusive design with the help. Our confectioners, in turn, will flawlessly bring your idea to life and fill it with a unique taste.

Assortment of cakes

By ordering a cake for a woman for a holiday, you are simultaneously solving the issue of a gift. A stunning dessert, made taking into account her interests, lifestyle, will be a surprise, which will be enough to complement with a bouquet! In our online store you can buy an original birthday cake:

·        Beloved woman;

·        Mom or grandmother;

·        Sister or daughter;

·        Friend or colleague.

A cake for women should be beautiful and tasty. It is an axiom that requires no proof. But we should not forget that the concept of beauty is different for everyone. Some are delighted with airy lace, ruffle, and flowers, others like laconicism and minimalism.

Therefore, you should approach the choice of such a festive dessert with all seriousness. Modern confectionery art allows any fantasy to come true.

You can now order birthday cake online for a business lady who spends a lot of time at the negotiating table who will love the cake in the form of a stylish diary, an expensive watch, or an elegant car. The young fashionista will be inspired by a new shopping cake in the shape of a cute shoe or an elegant handbag with the GUCCI logo. And no woman will remain indifferent in front of the beauty of the flowers that cover the mousse cake with a bright blanket.

How to decorate a birthday cake for a girl

White and colored whipped cream roses or apples made from apples are suitable for decorating a birthday cake for a girl. To create the first courses, place the whipped cream in a pastry bag and mount the star spout. Start by forming a spiral, starting from the inside, and continue making concentric movements to obtain roses of the same size.

 First, cover the edges and proceed calmly on the surface, always with the same rotating movements. In making these flowers, you can play with the colors and then color the cream forming layers of sure effect.

An alternative to cream flowers is roses made with apples to be placed on a delicious shortcrust pastry cake, a novelty that will appeal to girls and can be eaten for breakfast.

Think about what the birthday girl loves or enjoys.

Be sure to consider the character and temperament of the person. Depending on this, it is necessary to choose the right color scheme and decor.

Adding Natural flowers

An encouraging trend in 2021 is decorating a cake with fresh flowers. Please note that not all plants are suitable for this decor. It is best to use roses, orchids, sunflowers, cornflowers, lisianthus, petunias, and chamomile.

But it is better to refuse the use of jasmine and lilies. These flowers have a very intense aroma, which can distort the true taste of the cake and spoil the experience. In addition, the pollen of such plants can cause allergies among those invited to the holiday.

 Our bakery shop has been decorating cakes using fresh flowers for a long time. We always offer clients several design options and advise the most optimal decor based on their wishes. The designer takes care of the buds, not losing their attractive appearance until the guests eat the confection.

Taste preferences.

Usually, all women watch their figure, so we usually recommend light fillings – yogurt, curd, mousse, berry. You can surprise the hero of the occasion and guests with a spectacular multi-tiered cake with different types of fillings in each tier.

Classics from our bakery

 Very classic and in premium quality – Black Forest cherry, cheese cream, mocha buttercream, etc. – get these classic tastes from our online bakery. Do you want to get a dessert that will become a real decoration of the festive table? Then call right now, place an order and coordinate the date and time of delivery with us. With our online confectionery, your lockdown will not be overshadowed by sad memories or unforeseen overlays.


As an individual, there is the design of a birthday cake and its taste! You can choose the premium cake filling you want, which we will then prepare freshly from the best ingredients on the desired date. Most of our birthday cakes are suitable for sending cakes. In general, it is always possible to pick up the birthday cake from us in the cake shop. We hope you enjoy browsing and are happy to answer any questions you may have about an individual birthday cake that matches a memorable motto.