Splendors of Mauritius

Splendors of Mauritius

Mauritius is a small exotic island in the Indian Ocean that has diverse scenery, tropical forests and stunning wonders. It is an ultimate destination for nature lovers and is located in the east of Madagascar and southeast of the Seychelles. This multicultural island is actually a lovely volcanic island and one of the most visited destinations in the world. Touring in Mauritius will let you unveil the most enchanting splendors on earth, and its unique culture, exotic lifestyle will impress you – you certainly will not feel like going back home.

Mauritius is filled with colors, attractive for travelers from around the world. This keeps many tourists visiting the county, all year round.

The country’s adventurous treks, energetic nightlife and exotic beaches lined with parks and gardens are the primary attractions for tourists. The parks and gardens of Mauritius are home to many species of flora and fauna.

Port Louise:

Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius and the largest city in the country. It was built between mountains by a French governor back in 1735. Hence, the city’s major attractions lie in old French style construction and its picturesque locations due to the mountains. Some of the chief attractions of the city are two Churches, a Mosque, Municipal Theatre, Supreme Court and the Natural Museum, which houses remains of rare and extinct animals. Port Louis international Airport welcomes many cheap flights to Port Louis each year bringing in many tourists.

Pamplemousse Botanical Garden:

One of the finest botanical gardens of the country is Pamplemousse Botanical Garden. This is listed amongst the best botanical gardens of Mauritius. Pamplemousse Botanical Garden was built in 1716; no wonder it is an ancient botanical garden. Although not situated inside, the garden is very close to and easily accessible from Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. Some of the most astonishing plant species housed by the garden are Talipont Palm, which flowers once in sixty years. The best time to visit the garden is during the summer months as more species of flowers are seen blossomed. A super-luxury hotel Mon Plaisir is situated here, making a trip to Pamplemousse Botanical Garden is simply a fantastic idea.

Grand Bay:

If you feel like shopping, visit the Grand Bay. It’s a paradise for shopping-lovers and is one of the best spots in Mauritius. La Cuvette is a recently renovated beach and a must visit. You will be amazed to see the incredible nightlife and the clubs at Grand bay; casinos, discos and trendy restaurants won’t take more than a minute to win your heart.


Pereybere is a small, yet one of the finest beaches of the country. It homes palm trees that provide excellent shade, clean blue waters and white sands. This makes it extremely scenic. It has attracted many tourists due to its innumerable attractions. Water sports at the beach include parasailing, water-skiing, windsurfing, undersea walks and sailing plus fishing trips. The beach is renowned for its wonderful and colorful environment. It is lined with shops selling craftwork and clothing; hence, there are excellent shopping facilities at the beach. Pubs and restaurants complete the wonderment of the beach.

Black River George National Park:

Your vacation in Mauritius would be incomplete if Black River George National Park is not visited. It’s an eye-catching place and one of the most significant Mauritius sightseeing destinations. Walking on a walkway along the beautiful shrubs and vegetation is simply inspiring.

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