I Flew in KLM’s New Premium Economy Comfort Class—Here’s What It’s Like

I Flew in KLM’s New Premium Economy Comfort Class—Here’s What It’s Like

With curtains on each end separating the very private middle-tier cabin with only 28 seats, it was a bit of a jarring reality to duck through and stand in line for the lavatory that’s shared by 252 economy passengers. That said, compared to other trans-Atlantic flights, the facility remained relatively clean during my three visits throughout the flight and was roomy enough that it didn’t require any sort of Jenga movements to open the door.

There are also plenty of amenities designed just for Premium Comfort—a name that was given to the class based on passenger input. The 13.3-inch iPad-like screens, which tilt upward to match the angle of the recline of the seat in front of you, are just the right size between economy’s 9- to 11-inch screens and business’ 16- to 18-inch ones (which I also experienced, and felt a little too large, even in a private full-flat compartment).

Also hitting the “just right”  middle ground are the food and beverage offerings. A tangible menu provided a touch of business service, but the options were presented while the cart was being wheeled down the aisle, like in economy. After an initial beverage offering along with mixed nuts, we were served a main meal. The menu itself is exclusive to Premium Comfort, always with options for a meat, fish, or vegetable entree. On my flight, the appetizer was a grilled chicken salad with nuts and mango hummus, along with a side dish of goat cheese and blue cheese paired with grapes. I opted for the cold entree, featuring salmon alongside potato salad and vegetables, while the meat dish was a chicken tom kha kai and the vegetable featured beluga lentils in harissa sauce.

Served separately after our trays were collected was stroopwafel ice cream, a lovely touch of combining the trademark Dutch syrup cookies that has been popularized aboard flights since United started serving them in 2015 with a cool treat. Luckily for me, my innovative flight attendant suggested using it to make iced coffee, giving me an extra cup to scoop the ice cream into and then pour my hot coffee over—a true highlight of the flight.

Another highlight was the much-buzzed-about Bols Espresso Martini, only served in Premium Comfort—and that, of course, comes shaken, not stirred, with just the right amount of foam. Just before landing, there was another light meal service that lived up to its name featuring a beet and tomato salad, along with a hot side dish of four falafel bites with sweet pepper compote and topped off with another of my favorite offerings, a pastel de nata custard treat.

Sustainability shines at mealtime, not only in the menu curation, but also with the lightweight reusable tableware. The company’s dedication is truly showcased in its amenity kit, which was handed out by attendants shortly after take off. The mesh drawstring back, decorated with Premium Comfort’s own trademark artwork of the Dutch landscape from above, is upcycled from plastic bottles in partnership with Repreve Our Ocean, with suggestions for passengers to reuse it for washing clothes, grocery shopping, or storing clothes and shoes.

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