Getting money from the internet is a great opportunity in this era

How To Earn From Content Writing

You can see for yourself, or perhaps even experience it yourself, that people in Indonesia are now digitally literate.  Everywhere people seem to be holding their hands and having fun with their cell phones, which few years ago we rarely or difficult to find.

The growth of the online and digital market in Indonesia is indeed extraordinary.  A recent Google study found that (1) the growth of internet users in Indonesia is the fastest in the world; (2) there are 156 million smartphone users in Indonesia, growing 3x in the last 5 years.

With a large online market, one of them is the opportunity to sell advertisements through online media. In the past, many companies were reluctant, wait and see, carried out digital campaigns, now almost all of them are running a digital marketing strategy.

One thing I like about making money on the internet is that there is no age limit like Sell links on your website.  All people of all ages can earn money from the internet and even cooler, in this field, do not know the word retirement. If you work in an office, when you turn 40, you have to start thinking about how it will be when you retire.

The classic office employee question, “What will I do after I retire? is my pension fund sufficient? do I have any activities to retire in the future?

Because working as an employee in a company there is an age limit, you cannot work for life. In online business on the internet, you do not face age restrictions.  You can start in college or even in high school, as long as you can create content. Pay attention to UTuber whose income can be tens of millions a month, many of whom are still young.