Enjoy A Plethora Of Beauty At The Botanical Garden In Christchurch

Enjoy A Plethora Of Beauty At The Botanical Garden In Christchurch

Known as the second biggest city in New Zealand – Christchurch welcomes a visitor to embark on an adventure described as one of the very best. This beautiful metropolis regarded as the “Garden City” is where dreams become reality. With an array of things to do and places to see, your trip to this part of the world will remain unforgettable.

The thriving city that offers a visitor with the best of New Zealand is a place for entertainment, sporting, leisure, shopping, dining, nightlife and many picturesque attractions. One such attraction a visitor has to discover is the Christchurch Botanical Garden initiated in 1863. This gorgeous landscape situated in the central city sprawls over an area of 21 acres and houses a plethora of local and exotic plants, flowers, trees, fountains and attractions.

The Botanical Garden bordering the Avon River is a historical landmark to the people of New Zealand. History has it that the park was used as the location to commemorate the marriage between the prince and princess of Denmark, Albert and Alexandra in the year 1863 – the same year an English Oak Tree was planted in the vicinity to celebrate the nuptials.

Among the 10, 000 or more different types of indigenous and exotic floras displayed at this landscape, visitors can also enjoy the other attractions such as; the rose garden (that houses over 250 different verities of roses), the heather garden (home to a bountiful of Calluna and Ericas, providing plant life all year round). You will also find a water garden, a landscape of plants such as Helleborus, Hostas and Lilums, the rock garden (that boasts plants that keep blooming throughout the year) and the Herb Garden (with several amounts of medical and culinary value).

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