About Google Ads

Set A Budget That Works For Your Business

To learn more about how to maximize the impact of your Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns, check out the free lessons at WordStream’s PPC University. Google Ads, AKA Google AdWords, is Google’s advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results.

That’s why many businesses opt to use PPC management software. Overall, the average CPC of keywords across all industries typically ranges between $1-2 – significantly less than the averages from Google Ads and Bing listed above. Let’s take another look at the list from Bing Ads above. This category has an average CPC of $44.66.

In this section, you’ll learn the ins and outs of keyword research to start your campaign off on the right foot. An ad group is a container for your AdWords advertisements, keywords, and landing pages. Google tends to reward advertisers who create AdWords campaigns with tightly structured ad groups. It’s important not to dump all your keywords into the same ad group, but to organize your keywords into themes.

You could bid on specific, long-tail keywords like “van insurance for seniors,” or something along those lines. Google Ads utilizes an auction model to determine both ad placement and cost.

An ad auction begins when a user searches for something on Google. If the search query matches up with keywords that advertisers are actively bidding on, eligible ads go to auction.

A business in the apparel industry might pay as little as $0.45 per click on Facebook. Finance and insurance is the most expensive type of business to advertise on Facebook too, but the average CPC is still only $3.77. Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) and Facebook Ads are the two gorillas of PPC advertising. If you want to keep your Google Ads campaign as cheap as possible, you could do some keyword research and come up with less competitive, less expensive keywords to bid on.

Image ads can be one of the several different standardized sizes as designated by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). In May 2016, Google announced its reformatting of ads to help consumers and advertisers succeed in a mobile-first world. The new format, called Expanded Text Ads, allows 23% more text. This new format is available on both the Google Search Network and the Google Display network.

You shouldn’t just start straight off with adwords. Use Google Analytics first with the Webmasters tools to understand how your website is being used.

Then you can see the search terms people are using to access your site. Take those keywords and put together a small campaign and go from there. If you don’t have much spend, ensure you go for a the exact match or phrase match option. The broad match option can suck dry your funds on misclicks. Keyword research is the lifeblood of the Google Ads Search Network.

Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes money from search. This infographic will help you understand how Google Ads Brisbane works, detailing the Google Ads auction, bidding process and explaining important factors like Quality Score and cost-per-click. If you’re asking “How does AdWords Work?” this page is for you.