5 Preparatory Steps That Should Be Done Before Going On Vacation

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After being affected in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indonesian tourism sector is now slowly getting back on its feet. Various tourist destinations that were previously closed or temporarily stopped operating, one by one, have begun to be visited by tourists again. This is also good news for tourists who have longed to take a vacation. However, vacationing during the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer the same as during holidays before the pandemic.

The reason is, tourists have to adjust to new habits while on vacation, such as implementing health protocols . In addition, holiday preparations during the pandemic must also be carried out more thoroughly and carefully. To be safe and fun, .com has summarized five preparatory steps that can be taken before going on vacation. Here’s the review.

Determining safe tourist destination

If you don’t have a specific vacation plan, you can start by determining the tourist destinations you want to visit by looking for references on travel sites or social media. For example, you can use the hashtag #DiIndonesiaAja when doing research to get references to domestic tourist destinations. You can also check this link for inspiration for comfortable travel ideas during the pandemic.

However, because we are currently still in a state of the Covid-19 pandemic, health and safety factors are one aspect that should be considered when determining tourist destinations. Instead, choose a destination that is in the green zone area to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission. In addition, also choose tourist destinations that already have Cleanliness, Healthy, Safety, and Environment Sustainability (CHSE) certifications issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf). CHSE certification indicates that the services and products offered by the tourist destination are safe and have met the standards of hygiene, health, safety, and environmental sustainability protocols.

Research on applied health rules and protocols

After the selected destination is confirmed to be safe, the next step is to learn what health rules and protocols are applied by tourist destination managers. Starting from operating hours, how to buy entrance tickets, health protocols applied, to documents that must be prepared. This research is important because it can protect yourself and others from the threat of disease transmission. In addition, there may be differences in rules regarding health protocols applied between one destination and another. For example, tourists in Bali who do not use masks when doing activities outside the home will be subject to a fine of IDR 100,000. Then, when visiting Borobudur Temple, tourists are not allowed to go up to the temple structure in order to prevent the accumulation of tourists. You should visit Toubkal National Park too

Book tickets and lodging online

To minimize direct contact, almost all tourist destinations implement an online ticket purchase system . Therefore, it is better if all tickets for tourist destinations to be visited have been booked before leaving for vacation. Likewise with transportation tickets and lodging while on vacation. Travelers are advised to book online well in advance of the departure date. That way, you have more time to choose tickets and hotels with the best prices and facilities. It is also possible that you will have the opportunity to get a promo or a lower price. The reason is, ticket booking service providers usually provide attractive promos for a certain period. For example, the 11.11 promo which is held every 11 November. You can take advantage of the promo to get attractive offers. Not only tickets and lodging, you can also get complete tour package promos, such as Bali tour packages , Lake Toba, Likupang, Bintan Island, or other destinations. In addition, booking online also minimizes losses if there are unexpected events that can cancel vacation plans. Because, you still have time to apply for the process of changing the departure schedule or ticket cancellation.

Bring personal hygiene and hygiene kits

There are at least four items that must be carried while on vacation during the pandemic. First is the mask and its backup. Even though they are on vacation, tourists must remain disciplined in wearing masks. Don’t forget to always change your mask a maximum of every four hours. Therefore, bring spare masks in sufficient quantities so that it is easy to replace them at any time. Then, liquid soap and hand sanitizer . Both of these items are needed to keep hands clean during activities. Third, spray disinfectant. This object serves to kill viruses that stick to objects that are prone to being touched by many people. For example, doorknobs, dining tables in restaurants, shopping carts, and ATM machines. Fourth is eating utensils, bathing, and personal worship. Bring your own spoons, forks, drinking bottles, toothbrushes, soap, and worship equipment while on vacation to prevent transmission of the virus. It’s best to also bring medicines and vitamins during the holidays

Check your body condition before going on vacation

Before going on vacation, make sure your body is in good health and fit. This is important so that the holiday remains enjoyable and can maintain mutual security in the destination tourist destination. Therefore, you can do a self-assessment or early detection of Covid-19 independently before leaving. You can use health applications that provide special features to check the risk of Covid-19. If you are sick before the day of departure, it’s a good idea to postpone your vacation plans first. The reason is, people with less healthy body conditions are more at risk and are susceptible to being exposed to viruses and diseases. Those are the five preparatory steps you can take when planning a vacation during the Covid-19 pandemic. By applying these five preparation tips, it is hoped that vacation moments during the pandemic can remain safe and fun.