The Pune City Extra Large Holiday Package!

The Pune City Extra Large Holiday Package!

Most famous as the city of dreams; the Mumbai city proves the saying to be true. It is a metropolitan located in the Maharashtra state of India. With a large population that resides in this concrete city and the variety of destinations worth visiting, it becomes the most happening place to explore. The city does not sleep; you will see people on roads, in restaurants and pubs, as well as other hangout nooks even in the middle of the night. Another city in Maharashtra, which is turning to become the second Mumbai, is Pune. It is the second largest metropolitan in the state. With the growing number of tourist attractions that include forts, dams, temples, wildlife parks, gardens, amusement parks, museums, restaurants, hotels, clubs, and pubs, Pune has become a famous holiday destination in India.

The list is long when it comes to including places to visit in your Pune city holiday package. This place is a house to several religious buildings because worshipping the God is something every Indian is fond of and taught by birth. The Parvati Hill and Temple is a temple built to pay respect to Hindu deities like Parvati, Vishnu, Ganesha, Kartikeya and Devadeshwar. It is situated in south Pune and one can get a beautiful glance of the city from this hill top. Another temple, which is of great significance to the residents of this city, is the Pataleshwar Cave Temple. This temple looks similar to the enormous rock-cut temples of Ellora, which is its incredible aspect.

Also, include the wonderful monuments like Shivneri Fort, Lal Mahal, and the Aga Khan Palace in your Pune holiday package. These places originate from the ancient times and share a strong connection with Indian history. The Empress Garden, Saras Bagh, and Peshwa Udyan are gardens that are well known in the city for their green surroundings. These extremely well maintained gardens make for the best destinations in the city to spend some peaceful time.

Wildlife in Pune is limited to a wide range of species of snakes, reptiles, birds, and turtles. The Katraj Snake Park is a renowned preservation park that provides shelter to all these creatures. Approximately, 160 species of snakes of various shapes and sizes are said to be found in this park. Pune also has an extensive amusement park that will add on to your excitement. Splash Mountain is located in Loaehgaon, which is one of India’s largest water parks as well as manages to match up to the worldwide standards. Coming to museums, which are a major tourist attraction amongst foreigners as well as people from different parts of India, Pune has the popular National Film Archive Museum. Unlike other museums, this place concentrates on honoring great thinkers, freedom fighters, and intellectuals.

Pune with a wide variety of night clubs as well as discotheques has an equally enthralling night life as Mumbai.These are some of the best holiday destinations in India that will offer you complete entertainment on your holiday tour to the city!

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