The 7 Most Remote (and Beautiful) Hiking Trails in the World

The 7 Most Remote (and Beautiful) Hiking Trails in the World

We live in an era of hustle-and-bustle, always pursuing our next goal in a cycle that is hard to break. That is why, when we travel, we try to find times to detach, with quiet moments to enjoy the world around us and everything it offers.

One way to do this is by walking the most remote and beautiful hiking trails in the world, coming face-to-face with nature at its most splendid.

This approach to seeing the world is at the heart of slow travel. Moving at our own rhythms, either alone or with company, we explore the mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, cliffs, beaches, monuments, towns, and much more, with the innocent eyes of someone eager to be surprised.

Beach at Fethiye

Bugra Karacam/Unsplash

The Lycian Way, Turkey

Turkey’s Lycian Way is one of the most beautiful and historic hiking trails in the world, and one that you’ve never heard of. The route runs for some 300 miles passing through the provinces of Mugla and Antalya in southwestern Turkey.

The path was laid out in 1999 by Kate Clow, a British resident of Turkey who had fallen in love with this part of the world and its history.

Following the red-and-white trail markers for the Lycian Way will lead you to ancient tombs and other archaeological sites associated with the Lycian people—brave merchants, sailors, and soldiers who managed to live independently of the Greeks, Persians, and Romans. There are also a number of prominent ancient Greek and Roman sites in the region.

The route has more than two millennia of history, complemented by a stunning natural environment. Pristine beaches like Ölüdeniz, dreamy swimming spots like the Blue Lagoon, and enchanting towns like Fethiye, Kaş, and Çirali are waiting to be explored, along with Mediterranean forests, soaring cliffs, and tall peaks. Everywhere you travel along this route, one of the world’s premier trails, you’ll receive a warm welcome.

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