Definition of Airboat

The development and use of airboats have now been widely carried out in various fields, especially outside the territorial waters. The use of airboats is currently used for tourism, defense, security, transportation and disaster management purposes. Airboats or what are often referred to as fanboats use an air boost system such as a fan so that their movement is not limited by the place and depth of water like ships in general.

Seeing these developments, the development of airboats is an interesting thing to study, especially for the water area. For example, in the area there are many disaster-prone areas such as floods and densely populated areas, during the rainy season the condition of the area is often inundated for some time so that efforts are needed to evacuate and handle aid. Coupled with the geographical conditions in the waters which are very diverse in every place, a mode of transportation is needed that can be used on all surface conditions, limited areas and hard-to-reach areas. While these efforts have existed and are well implemented, they are felt to be less effective and efficient.

Airboat is a boat that utilizes the work of thrust or rotation of the air propeller, commonly called the airscrew propeller or aircraft propeller. The fluid reaction on the propeller is in the form of a thrust, where this thrust causes the airboat to move forward at a certain speed. The airboat has a flow-line and flat-bottom bottom shape so that it has good maneuverability and stability, besides that the airboat also has a very small draft so that it can be operated in very shallow water areas.

Airboat is a means of transportation that moves on water at a certain speed which will cause obstacles when sailing. These barriers can be from water and or wind. The drag force of the water and air can be driven by calculating the value of the magnitude of the resistance, so as to find the optimum specific propulsion engine used for the airboat. If you want rent airboat for getting experience, you can rent in