4 Things You Can Do in Abu Dhabi at Night

The best things to do in Abu Dhabi at night | Things To Do | Time Out Abu  Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the paradises in the Middle East that is suitable for a vacation destination abroad. This city in the United Arab Emirates presents tours that can not only be enjoyed during the day, but also at night.

Noukhada Night Kayak Tour Get rid of the

shadow of a Middle Eastern country that is only about the desert. In Abu Dhabi, a traveler can also enjoy a tour along the shady mangrove forest on the beach.

Not just walking through the usual mangrove forests, in this place a traveler can enjoy the sensation of kayaking through the mangroves at night. Like a traveler, it will be equipped with LED lights so you can see the fish underneath.

Captain Tony Moonlight Cruise Ship

Still on the coast, try the Captain Tony Moonlight Cruise ship tour. Enjoying this tour, a traveler will travel along the Al Raha coast using Captain Tony’s cruise ship.

One of the most awaited is the moment of sunset. But of course that’s not all, travelers can also witness the charm of the iconic Aldar HQ when it’s dark on the islands of Al Samiliyah and Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi.

Dancing at Liquid Rain & Foam Party

This one place is perfect for travelers who like to dance. Not an ordinary dance, at Liquid Rain & Foam Party located at Mai Cafe Aloft Abu Dhabi, travelers will dance in swimwear accompanied by sparkling lights. There is also a DJ who guides the dancers to enjoy the music.

At its peak, the traveler can be carried away by the music and dance until he jumps into the swimming pool provided. At certain moments, such as Halloween this place is open until midnight.

Dinner at Emirates Palace

Travelers who want to enjoy a romantic dinner can try BBQ at Al Qasr. This is a 1.3 km private beach located behind the Emirates Palace, the grandest five-star hotel here. For visit these places you can use Abu Dhabi City tour to get comfortable travel